Monday, January 24, 2011

Great Rehearsal!

Great rehearsal today guys! We made a lot of progress with our songs!

Here is the link to PS22 Singing Viva La Vida!
We are singing the same version as them.
They are the 5th grade chorus we talked about from New York City.

...and here is a link to PS 22 Singing Imagine.

Remember: The Tenors (my group) always have the lower part,  and the Altos (Mrs. Conlon's group) always have the higher part!

Keep up the good work!!

-Mr. B


  1. I wasn't here when we first did "Viva la Vida" so I'm not sure if I should be singing any different than I usually do.

  2. Ashley..check with me and we'll see what part you should be singing!