Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Checkers Hockey Game info

On December 20, the PSRES "Christmas Chorus" 5th graders will be performing for the Charlotte Checkers!
***PLEASE NOTE---this event is for past members from last year only, not our new members!

Chorus members and parents please go here for tickets ----

**If that link didn't work, try this one....


Monday, December 3, 2012

5th Grade Chorus Members

Adam Mogensen Jordan Wagner
Alex Lorton Jordan  Lorton
Alyson Dyer Juliana Barnes
Alyssia Wagner Kaitlyn Diskin
Amanda Florance Kaleb Lorton
Amiyah Diskin Kat Florance
Anaya Mogensen Katelynn Dyer
Andy Diskin Kelly Florance
Ava Dyer Kiley Lorton
Ayrianna Lorton Lauren Lorton
Breanna Florance Lauren Florance
Caitlyn  Lorton Madison  Dyer
Chloe Dyer Madison  Lorton
Elizabeth Wagner Maya Mogensen
Emily Diskin Mia Mogensen
Eva Dyer Nikki Dyer
Eve Barnes Noemy Barnes
Gianna Barnes Reagan Dyer
Gloriest Diskin Rebekah Barnes
Hannah Florance Sabrina Barnes
Hayley Barnes Sara  Diskin
Heather Florance Sarah M. Mogensen
Holly Florance Sarah H. Mogensen
Hunter Mogensen Scott Barnes
Jade Dyer Shelby Lorton
Jasmine Diskin Stuti Mogensen
Jenna Barnes Sydney Dyer
Johanna Florance Taylor Lorton